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Dog Walking

Your dog’s safety is most important to us, so we offer private one-on-one dog walks. Your dog will be the only one on the walk (asides from siblings from the same family), so all the focus, love and affection will be directed at them and them alone. We will personally work with you and your dogs to create the most fulfilling routine every day we visit, whether that means a long power walk with breaks for positive training reinforcement or low-key “sniff walks” down to the mailbox or just around the corner.

We will be communicating through texts, pictures, and videos so you can relax knowing that your dog(s) are safe and happy back home. Think of us as a kind of canine concierge, We are always there to help you and your dog(s) out.


Starting at $30*


*Sibling discount 

Prices may vary based on location and length of walk.

pet sitting; cat sitting; pet bording

Pet Sitting


Going out of town? We can help!

We will visit your dog (or other pets) throughout the day and evening. Whatever you and your pet(s) need, we can make it happen. In our experience pets prefer to stay in the comfort of their own homes while their owners are away. Your pet will be less stressed and healthier than if staying in a kennel all day. Your pet keeps its normal routine, while your home is taken well care of. We will provide them with attention, love, and care per your instructions. Your home will have a lived-in look by rotating lights, bringing in packages, mail, and watering plants if need be.


*Please note that Travel/Vacation Pet Sitting availability is limited. 

Starting at $30 per visit 

*Late Night Visit Fee: An additional charge of $10 for requested visits after 8 pm

**Discounts available for extended trips (10+ days). Please inquire when scheduling.

Holidays*: $10.00 additional per visit

*Holidays Include:

Memorial Day, Easter, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve, and New Year’s Day.

Pet Sitting

Tailored Pet Care Visits

Our services are not limited to dogs and cats! 
Other household pets including fish, birds, reptiles, chickens, pigs, and rodents can benefit from our services. 

* Inquire for more details and pricing. 

pet care; fish; birds; reptiles; chickens; pigs; rodents
Tailored Pet Care Visits

Potty Breaks or New Puppy

New Puppy, No problem.

Mid-day potty breaks are not just for puppies, they are also super, for older dogs that don’t require walks to go potty.
A potty break consists of 10-20 
minutes of attention, while we play, scratch, refresh water if needed, and take your dog out for a restroom break.  We also clean up any mess your pup made during our visit. 

Potty break $25

puppy potty training
overnight pet sitting
Overnight Pet Sitting

One 12 hour overnight stay at your home: Call or text for pricing.

We stay overnight in your home to care for your pet in his or her own environment.  Your pet will be more at ease and comfortable at home, while receiving attention and love. There is no stress because your pet can sleep in his or her own bed, and knows exactly where they are. 

Plus your home will be secure and occupied.


Includes all services as outlined in Pet Sitting.

pet waste removal; pooper scooper; litter box cleaning service; cat; kitten
Pet Waste Removal

Working all day and coming home to more work in your yard is a downer.  Allow us to clean up your pet waste so that you can spend more time with those you love. We will come to your home on a weekly basis or as often as requested.  Have a cat? We can help there too. Try our litter box cleaning service, call for rates. 

Weekly, Pet waste removal. 



$35 for a single dog*

$45 for two*

$50 for three or more*

*Discount given if this is an added service to a walk.

Pet Taxi & Pet Related Errands


Let me do your veterinary visits, drop off your pet for grooming, pickup pet food or  transport to daycare etc..... More then one pet, not a problem, special rates are available.

$30 one way within a 10 mile radius

$50 round trip within a 10 mile radius

pet taxi; pet related errands; vet visits; veterinary vists; dog grooming; cat grooming; pet food; dog food; cat food; pet daycare transport
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